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My Weekend in the Netherlands!

This past weekend I went to Amsterdam. I went with Gigi, Cassie, Michaela, and Jessie from Prague. I met up with Beckie from HWS and best friend Lillie! It was an amazing weekend. Amsterdam is a beautiful city. There are numerous canals throughout the city. It truly is the city of bikes; everyone and anyone had a bicycle. There were even special biking lanes that were extremely wide on every road.


We went to the best pancake restaurant in Amsterdam; it was called Pancake Bakery. It had molasses and powdered sugar right on the table. I tried molasses for the first time and it was very good! Although I had an omelet, I did try the pancakes and they were phenomenal!large_IMG_0522.jpglarge_IMG_0524.jpg

We also were able to go to the Rijks Museum!

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Praha Zoo!

The UPCES program took our group to the Prague zoo. It is the 7th best zoo in the world. It had amazing animals but also a ton of walking. In any event, it was great to see!

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Krakow's Food!

One of the best part of Krakow was the food! I had amazing cheese stuffed pierogi with sour cream and sugar! Absolutely amazing!
Here was my first meal in Krakow; it was the cutest little cafe, off of the square. large_DSC02010.jpglarge_IMG_0246.jpglarge_IMG_0247.jpg
This was our next dinner; again, such a cute restaurant and extremely affordable. I had soup, a pasta dish, and boiled beef in a horseradish sauce (that was to die for) for $7! large_IMG_0326.jpglarge_IMG_0325.jpglarge_IMG_0322.jpglarge_IMG_0323.jpglarge_IMG_0324.jpglarge_IMG_0327.jpglarge_IMG_0328.jpg

My only mediocre meal was a middle-eastern meal. We went to an Israeli restaurant, which was not my choice. I am usually very open to all food, but I guess Israeli food is not my cup of tea.

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The Jewish Ghetto and Schindler's Factory

We were able to visit Schindler's factory. It was really interesting, especially after seeing the movie, Schindlers List. Oskar Schindler was a German, a member of the Nazi party, who saved the lives of over 1,000 jews. Schindler's factory is a museum that exhibits World War II. It was the most creative museum I have ever been to!

There are numerous black chairs scattered in the middle of a square in the Ghetto. Each chair represents the thousands of people's lives that were lost. large_IMG_0281.jpglarge_IMG_0283.jpglarge_IMG_0284.jpglarge_IMG_0292.jpglarge_IMG_0294.jpglarge_IMG_0296.jpglarge_IMG_0297.jpglarge_IMG_0298.jpglarge_IMG_0299.jpglarge_IMG_0300.jpg

This is Schindler's office!large_IMG_0305.jpg

The name of all of the victims Schindler saved:large_IMG_0306.jpglarge_IMG_0308.jpg

Sign for peace:

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Birkenau- Auschwitz II

Birkenau is the second death camp that was built to decrease some of the congestion in Auschwitz. Although Birkenau did not have much left compared to Auschwitz I, there was still enough to tell more of the sad tale. This is the camp where the train pulls directly in. The victims were piled into horse stables, which were the same temperature as the outside. There were numerous gas chambers that were running 24/7. To see Birkenau was another terrifying experience.

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Auschwitz is one of the most difficult experiences I have endured. There are no words to describe the feelings of walking onto the grounds of a death camp. It was upsetting, angering, frustrating, and purely horrifying to see how the victims "lived." The things I saw on this day will stay with me forever.

Cans that contained Cyclone B for killing in gas chambers

Victims' hair that the Nazis would use to make cloth:


Confiscated glasses:

Confiscated kitchenware:large_DSC02084.jpglarge_DSC02087.jpglarge_DSC02088.jpg

This was one of the hardest visuals to take in. Here are all of the confiscated shoes. There were two rows, separated by a hallway, with shoes piled to the ceiling. large_DSC02090.jpglarge_DSC02092.jpglarge_DSC02093.jpglarge_DSC02095.jpglarge_DSC02097.jpglarge_DSC02098.jpglarge_DSC02100.jpglarge_DSC02103.jpglarge_DSC02105.jpglarge_DSC02107.jpglarge_DSC02108.jpglarge_DSC02110.jpglarge_DSC02111.jpglarge_DSC02112.jpglarge_DSC02113.jpglarge_DSC02119.jpglarge_DSC02121.jpglarge_DSC02122.jpglarge_DSC02125.jpglarge_DSC02127.jpglarge_DSC02129.jpglarge_DSC02130.jpglarge_DSC02131.jpglarge_DSC02134.jpglarge_DSC02136.jpg

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City Pictures of Krakow

What a gorgeous city!large_DSC01951.jpglarge_DSC01954.jpglarge_DSC01955.jpg

Pope John Paul II lived here on the oldest street in Prague!large_DSC01958.jpglarge_DSC01959.jpglarge_DSC01961.jpglarge_DSC01964.jpglarge_DSC01966.jpglarge_DSC01971.jpglarge_DSC01972.jpglarge_DSC01974.jpglarge_DSC01978.jpglarge_DSC01980.jpglarge_DSC01981.jpglarge_DSC01983.jpglarge_DSC01984.jpglarge_DSC01988.jpglarge_DSC01990.jpglarge_DSC01991.jpglarge_DSC01994.jpglarge_DSC02001.jpglarge_DSC02003.jpglarge_DSC02004.jpglarge_DSC02007.jpglarge_DSC02015.jpglarge_DSC02016.jpglarge_IMG_0249.jpglarge_IMG_0250.jpglarge_IMG_0251.jpglarge_IMG_0252.jpglarge_IMG_0258.jpglarge_IMG_0266.jpglarge_IMG_0269.jpglarge_IMG_0329.jpglarge_IMG_0330.jpglarge_IMG_0331.jpglarge_IMG_0389.jpg

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Wawel Castle

The Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland was amazing! So beautiful! There was so much history! Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures inside of the castle, but I took plenty of pictures of the outside! Just a fun fact: I learned that Saint Stanislaus is the patron saint of Poland! I did not know that when I woke up this morning! Here are the pictures from the castle:large_DSC01914.jpglarge_DSC01915.jpglarge_DSC01916.jpglarge_DSC01918.jpglarge_DSC01919.jpglarge_DSC01921.jpglarge_DSC01924.jpglarge_DSC01926.jpglarge_DSC01929.jpglarge_DSC01938.jpglarge_DSC01940.jpglarge_DSC01950.jpg

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More Praha


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More Food!

Here are a few photos of our amazing food! We ate very well!large_IMG_0056.jpglarge_IMG_0041__1_.jpglarge_IMG_0035.jpglarge_IMG_0021.jpglarge_DSC01904.jpglarge_DSC01903.jpglarge_DSC01902.jpg

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Meter Long Pizza

Mom and Dad took the girls out for dinner. We had a meter long pizza at a cute italian restaurant right around the corner from me! Of course we finished it!

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Ice Bar!


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Exploring Prague's Fine Arts

Mom and I headed to the Franz Kafka Museum and the Kampa Museum. Both were wonderful! large_DSC01817.jpglarge_DSC01822.jpglarge_DSC01823.jpglarge_DSC01830.jpglarge_DSC01834.jpglarge_DSC01837.jpglarge_DSC01860.jpglarge_DSC01867.jpglarge_DSC01869.jpglarge_DSC01870.jpglarge_DSC01878.jpg

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Mom and Dad's First Czech Meal!

It was something that Mom and Dad had to experience. The food is...interesting. Let's just say, we ate a lot of Italian food after this meal! The best part of this meal was the dumplings with raspberries! Dad's favorite part was the beer! But as you will see, he did not last too long after his pivo!

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Fish Pedicure!

Dad and I had to try it! We went to a Thai Salon in Wenseslas Square. Dad almost bailed, but he regained his confidence once I hopped in! It was quite an experience!large_IMG_0070.jpglarge_IMG_0073.jpglarge_IMG_0074.jpglarge_IMG_0078.jpglarge_IMG_0083.jpglarge_IMG_0085.jpg

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