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Segway Tour!

The best way to see all of Praha! large_IMG_0031.jpglarge_IMG_0015.jpglarge_DSC01788.jpglarge_DSC01777.jpglarge_DSC01773.jpglarge_DSC01771.jpglarge_DSC01768.jpglarge_DSC01765.jpglarge_DSC01762.jpglarge_DSC01756.jpglarge_DSC01755.jpglarge_DSC01754.jpglarge_DSC01747.jpglarge_DSC01745.jpglarge_DSC01744.jpglarge_629CDDDD2219AC68175143871EB6C655.jpglarge_629C247F2219AC6817DFFDD1C22031BE.jpglarge_629B74E62219AC6817EA3FE7A23B044A.jpglarge_629AA3632219AC681756C2FD43B1E6EC.jpglarge_6299F6262219AC6817D0955F4EC83F92.jpglarge_629964FF2219AC68179932C373DB33E2.jpglarge_6298BAED2219AC68172322AABD4551DC.jpglarge_628D54862219AC68173A1684AAC40852.jpglarge_628C9FA22219AC6817FA92F90C6F9CF8.jpglarge_DSC01738.jpglarge_628BE7EE2219AC681778065E83222409.jpglarge_DSC01734.jpglarge_628B42482219AC68179F7A0ABD08828D.jpglarge_DSC01732.jpglarge_628A94192219AC68179F612DE26B86BB.jpglarge_DSC01731.jpglarge_6289F15D2219AC6817ADD36D856D07A7.jpglarge_DSC01708.jpglarge_DSC01706.jpg

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Charles University


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Infant of Prague

The Infant of Prague is a statue of baby Jesus, located in the Carmelite Church of Our Lady Victorious. It think it was mom's favorite part!


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The Family Visits Prague!


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Krumlov #4

As you walk through the entrance, you pass two bear habitats. That was the coolest part of the castle!


After touring the castle, we went up into the tower for $1.50. It was the best view of the small city! However, it was quite a hike to get to the top.


After the tower, we ate at a cute little cafe; however, watching our food being prepared was an experience. To say the least, the Czech Republic does not have the same food regulations as we do in the U.S.


So after coming back from Krumlov, I went to the restaurant called "Jimmy Deans" for American style food.


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Krumlov continued #3...

The best dessert yet in Prague. It is similar to fried dough, except instead of powdered sugar, it is rolled in cinnamon. Surrounding this hut was a copious amount of swarming bees!


The castle was gorgeous!


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Český Krumlov (continued...)

Other than the strange decorations, the city was beautiful!


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Český Krumlov

Friday, our group headed to a beautiful city that is south of Prague. Although the Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world, the Cesky Krumlov Castle is the second largest castle: only short of first place by 2 square meters! The city felt as though we were in a fairy tale. Absolutely stunning!

Here is the hostel we stayed at for the night; it was a "bar hostel," meaning there was a bar on the first floor of the hostel. Fortunately, I was in the group that was on the first floor directly next to the most active bar in Cesky Krumlov. It was so much fun!


The ceiling was innovative!

I had my second real Czech meal. It was fried cheese. It tasted similar to a very very bland mozzarella stick.


As we toured the city, we found extremely weird sculptures and a strange obsession with toenails and fingernails. Hmmmm...


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Prague Castle!

An ancient symbol of the Czech lands

I was able to visit the largest castle in the world today: the Prague Castle (or as we learned today in class, Pražský hrad)! The Prague Castle is not only a ginormous castle with an astonishing cathedral, it is also home to the current president of Prague (whom no one likes), Miloš Zeman. It was a city within a city. In any event, it was an amazing sight to see today! Here are some pictures!





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Just a Few More Photos from Yesterday

On the Charles Bridge, everyone waits inline to touch this. You say a prayer and in return are to be blessed. Everyone in my group did it; it was like walking all the way down to Crystal Beach to touch the wall!



How nice is their post office??! Nothing like I have ever seen before!

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Charles Bridge!


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John Lennon Wall

It is a big wall in Prague that is filled with graffiti art since the 1980s. There are a ton of lyrics and quotes about love and peace.large_DSC01276.jpglarge_DSC01269.jpglarge_DSC01267.jpg

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City Photos


How much detail!large_DSC01264.jpg



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First Real Czech Meal

My first real czech cusine! Goolash! It was not the same recipe as moms, buuuut it was interesting! I believe it was brisket, in a very heavy brown sauce and the dumplings were dense pieces of bread. large_DSC01191.jpg

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First Week in Praha!

My first week in Prague is going very well! It has been very overwhelming at times, but overall, it has been the most extraordinary experience.

I found an apartment to live in within two days of arriving to Prague. I now live with four other girls; two are from HWS and two are from Tulane. We are getting along very well! We have a very nice apartment that is spacious and in prime location in the city. Below are pictures!

School does not begin for over a week so, for now, we are just trying to orient ourselves in this big city. What an adventure! Below are a ton of pictures from this week!


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